Living In A City, A Small Place to Live in

Living In a city is very stressful. Living in the City means living a busy life busy people, busy streets and community. As soon as the sun rise it is really a start of our day, and even if the sun is down some of us still works overtime. The best way to recharge and restore our energy is by going home and lying straight in our bed and have a very good sleep. Well, one of our problems living in the city is we don’t have a big place to live in. And due to small space apartments we tend to clutter.
Living In A City, A Small Place to Live in

Here are some bedrooms that might give you an idea on how to maximize your small space.

This one is good for a dog lover person. As you can see this looks like a bunk bed, this one is customized to be with his dog and the bed and boards are made of high quality wood. On the front side of the bunk bed I some stairs for the dog, you can use the side of the stairs as a shelves where you can put all your dog’s things like his clothes, shoes, soap, powder and etc. 


Bunk Bed Customized Furniture


This style is best teens and space saver as well. It look like a double deck bed it’s just that the lower deck is customized to be his/her study room they put on a table and some shelves to serve as a working table. The wood used in this Furniture is not so fancy. So I think making this won’t cost you a lot.


Deck Bed Customized Furniture


This is quite similar with the 2nd bed that we have discuss. The only difference was it really is a double deck. They use the box shelves as a stair and underneath the lower deck are another shelves were they can put all their clutters.


Double Deck Bed Customized Furniture


All of this designs and materials can be found here at so come and visit us we will surely be happy to know your insights


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