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  1. Camper mat

    Going camping doesn’t mean you have to be without the comforts of your home. Camper Mat is perfect for camping and hunting shack. It’s also great for the home for overnight guests or slumber parties. It is lightweight and durable. Simply unroll the Camper Mat for use. Roll it up and attach the strap when done.

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  2. Bio Aire Mattress Topper

    The ideal surface softness in providing good support and reducing pressure points.

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  3. Roll-A-Mat

    An easy-to-carry mattress that is great for sleepovers, picnic and other outdoors activities. Ideal for short trips Visitor’s extra beds Easily rolled for storage and transport One side made for PVC Lining for more versatile application and other side is cotton for comfort.

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  4. Coolzone Matress

    The Coolzone Mat may be used as a mattress enhancer to upgrade your current old mattress. You may use either the quilted side or the banig side, which is proven cool and smooth. It is made from leaves of screw palm. This may also used as a mat for camping or picnics. It may also be used as an extra floor mattress for unexpected guests. 

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  5. Fold A Matress by movement 69

    Premium Futon Mattress 5 Years Warranty Plusher to sit on Softer to the feel Great for sleepover Durable and space saving mattress for your home and leisure activities Comes with an easy transport handle.

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    Back Relief Futon Size Price 3x30x75" P 1,899.75 3x36x75" P 2,599.75 3x39x75" P 2,699.75 3x42x75" P 2,999.75 3x48x75" P 3,199.75 3x54x75" P 3,399.75 3x60x75" P 3,599.75 Learn More
  7. Uratex with Thin Cotton Cover
    Dimension and Price: 3.5x36x75 - Php. 2, 500 4x36x75 - Php. 3, 200 5.5x36x75 - Php. 3,250 6x36x75 - Php. 4, 650 3.5x48x75 - Php. 3, 000 4x48x75 - Php. 3, 899.99 5.5x48x75 - Php. 4, 500 6x48x75 - Php. 5, 599.99 3.5x54x75 - Php. 3, 500 4x54x75 - Php. 4, 350 5.5x54x75 - Php. 4, 899.99 6x54x75 - Php. 5, 899.99 3.5x60x75 - Php. 3, 800 4x60x75 - Php. 4, 850 6x60x75 - Php. 6, 799.99 6x72x78 -Php. 8, 500 Learn More
  8. Uratex Matress with Polycotton Cover

    A mattress known for unsurpassed quality and ability to support the body while giving you a luxurious and comfortable sleep. It has good balance of comfort, support, durability, and good economics.

    Sizes and Prices

    4 x 36 x 75 P 2,550

    4 x 48 x 75 P 3,350

    4 x 54 x 75 P 3,850

    4 x 60 x 75 P 3,400

    6 x 36 x 75 P 3,650

    6 x 48 x 75 P 4,450

    6 x 54 x 75 P 4,950

    6 x 60 x 75 P 5,750

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  9. Uratex Quilted Matress with Banig

    The makers of Uratex has come out with a Bedding Banig Collection. One of the most popular is the Uratex Mattress with Banig which also carries a 5 year foam warranty. One side of the mattress is quilted to have a plush look while the other side has the banig. Users may choose the option to use the fabric side when it is cool or the banig side when it is warm as it is proven to be cool and smooth. This is made of durable woven plastic material.

    Sizes and Prices

    4x30x75 2,999.75

    4x36x75 3,599.75

    4x39x75 3,799.75

    4x42x75 3,999.75

    4x48x75 4,299.75

    4x54x75 4,799.75

    4x60x75 5,399.75

    6x30x75 3,699.75

    6x36x75 4,499.75

    6x39x75 4,899.75

    6x42x75 5,399.75

    6x48x75 5,799.75

    6x54x75 6,399.75

    6x60x75 6,999.75

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  10. Uratex Comfort Quilt matress

    You spend about one third of your life in bed. Therefore buying a mattress is a decision that should be carefully thought out. Since 1968, Uratex has been offering best selling mattresses on the market and our newest product the Comfort Quilt Uratex Mattress will provide you unmatched comfort , support and durability, the building blocks for a good night sleep. Quietly reassuring a constant promise of comfort and relaxation. Fabric design may vary.

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